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Annual Report 2021


By: Open Contracting Partnership

Published: 2022

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Annual Report 2021

By Open Contracting Partnership

In 2021, the open contracting community stepped up to deliver on the potential of the power of public procurement to improve public services such as medicines and public works – from bringing down the cost of essential medicines to delivering a multi-billion dollar city transformation through more efficient public works projects. Our 2021 Annual Report highlights these stories from our partners in the open contracting community and sums up efforts and across the world.  

The potential of public procurement for economic innovation and inclusion, and for better and more sustainable public spending and services is at the heart of our refreshed strategy as we established ourselves as a fully independent non-profit.  

We also provide the state of open contracting across the world and sum-up the latest in the development of the Open Contracting Data Standard as we’ve seen publisher numbers double.