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5 April 2017

Let’s talk open contracting in Central and East Europe

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership. Location: Gdansk, Poland

Open contracting brings governments, business and citizens at one table to open and use public procurement information to improve public spending. Over 25 countries committed to open contracting in 2016.

Citizens could be looking for better ways to monitor government and hold politicians accountable, civic technologies can take advantage of ever-growing supply of contracting data to build cooler tools, government champions may look for ways to save money and show public integrity, and business folks may be interested in better chances to participate in procurement. If you are any of those, the event is for you.

We’re bringing open contracting community and champions to Gdansk to share projects & tools, discuss opportunities and challenges related to Open Contracting Data Standard and most importantly, celebrate incredible progress and growth of open contracting in East and Central Europe and elsewhere in 2016.

Facilitated by Open Contracting Partnership, the one day meeting will offer numerous highly interactive showcase & learning sessions. We will strike a balance between showcasing what works and helping you get started or improve your work on open contracting.

The meeting is a part of PDF CEE 2017. Its participants will have an occasion to join the discussion on Rebooting Democracy on April 6-7 in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk.


The room fits up to 50 people. Registration is on «first come, first serve» basis, so we encourage early registration.

The organizers do not provide accommodation for participants and do not reimburse any travel expenses. The participants are expected to make their own arrangements.

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Audience: Civic Tech