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6 - 7 September 2023

2023 OGP Global Summit

Organisation: Open Government Partnership. Location: Tallinn, Estonia

This year, the OGP Global Summit will be hosted by the Estonian Government from September 6-7 in Tallinn, Estonia. The Summit will bring together the Heads of State and Government, representatives of civil society, and policymakers from around the world and we’re excited to join the conversations.

The Summit will focus on open government in the digital age, the potential of technology to make governance and policy-making more transparent and accountable, and the preservation of democracy.

Check out the full Summit schedule and make sure to join us for our #opencontracting session, organized together with the EU Open Spending Coalition, and other sessions discussing public procurement and open contracting. Here’s where you’ll find us:

Wednesday, 6 September

10:45am: High-level Roundtable: Sustaining Leadership and Catalyzing Global Action on Anticorruption
Anticorruption reforms are a crucial policy priority to strengthen democracy, achieve development goals and promote financial transparency and public integrity. Anticorruption is one of the key areas of emphasis under OGP’s new strategy, where the overall focus will be on policies that tackle grand corruption and kleptocracy and on public integrity. We will share best practices on public procurement and impact from the open contracting movement, government’s number one corruption risk.

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12:15: The Role of Open Government for Ukraine’s Democratic Resilience and Reconstruction
Since the full-scale invasion Ukraine has proved its resilience, capacity and identity for the whole world. The session will explore what decisive factors helped Ukraine to mobilize and resist, how Ukraine drives reforms and reconstruction as a transparency role model being at war, and what still needs to be done on the way to become an EU member. Our Viktor Nestulia will present Ukraine’s Digital Reconstruction Ecosystem for Accountable Management (DREAM), a transparent, electronic portal that joins together Ukraine’s award-winning open government and open data platforms to manage reconstruction projects end-to-end.

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1:15pm: The Bridge: open government approaches to expand country coalitions for climate action
Our ED Gavin Hayman will join this session organized by WRI and the Danish Board of Technology to share how open contracting can contribute to effectively take on vested interests and weak governance capacity to tackle the climate crisis.

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Thursday, 7 September

10:30am: From Open to Outcomes: How Open Contracting Delivers Results in Anti-Corruption, Inclusion, Sustainability, Civic Participation and Digital Governance
Public procurement accounts for one-third of government spending around the world, and can be a powerful lever to advance open government goals and improve social outcomes. In this session, we will discuss how open contracting reforms have helped both governments and CSOs deliver tangible results to reduce corruption, increase economic inclusion, implement sustainable practices, enable civic participation, and drive digital transformation. You will hear directly from inspiring reform leaders, and have the opportunity to dive deeper into these key outcome and opportunity areas (including how to address common challenges). Join us on the pathway to creating real impact through public procurement, and walk away with concrete, best practice guidance and strategies to achieve your goals.

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12:15: How Open Government Can Help Address Corruption in Climate Action
Corruption is a significant contributor to climate change, and a major obstacle to achieving both mitigation and adaptation targets. Tackling the corruption that fuels climate change and environmental degradation has been insufficiently addressed as a powerful way to reduce the impact of companies, governments and individuals that collude to put profit over environmental sustainability. We’ll share how to use open contracting to uncover corruption, including our recent resource on red flags for conservation.

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Friday, 8 September

9am: Towards Gender Equality: Using the Open Government Partnership to increase women’s participation in Public Procurement
Organized by the Africa Freedom of Information Centre. Through the SDG framework, governments committed to advance gender equality. However, halfway to the SDG 2023 target, the foundations to economic are not being tackled. Governments in Africa and around the world spend over 60% of national budgets every year through public procurement yet women-owned businesses take less than 1% of this value due to legal policy barriers, operational and capacity barriers and socio-cultural challenges. Based on Kenyan and Tanzanian experience, the sessions will explore how the OGP platform can advance the participation of women in public contracting around the world.

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Region: International

Audience: Civic Tech