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Defining Open Contracting Data Standard Functional Requirements for Electronic Government Procurement Systems

By Open Contracting Partnership / 2021

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Region: International

Implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) is an essential enhancement to an e-GP system as it has been designed to facilitate the publication and analysis of data and documents related to all stages of a contracting process. By including the OCDS in e-GP by design, or upgrading an existing system to account for OCDS, an e-GP system will become more transparent and facilitate business intelligence, analysis, data sharing, and monitoring that will assist policymakers and procurement practitioners to improve value for money, integrity, fairness, and performance of public contracts.

This guide will provide advice concerning the OCDS to governments, sub-national governments, public sector organizations, and other key e-GP stakeholders involved in designing and implementing e-GP projects and in particular