An estimated $97.5 trillion in infrastructure investments are needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2040.

Roads, railways, airports, water distribution, schools, and hospitals: infrastructure is the foundation for how we live our lives.

But there is also a huge efficiency gap (approximately 30%, according to the IMF) between the money that is spent and the coverage and quality of the resulting infrastructure. This means that vital, life-changing infrastructure is not being delivered to citizens.

Our approach to opening up contracting in infrastructure focuses on improving data, supporting implementation, generating impact, collaborating with the private sector, and building a new norm. Learn more about our 5-point plan.

OC4IDS: Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard

Our new standard connects previously siloed information to better disclose and track infrastructure development. It provides guidance to governments on what information to disclose at each stage of an infrastructure project so that public money is spent well from planning to completion.

The Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard #OC4IDS is a joint effort by CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative and the Open Contracting Partnership that builds on best practice in open data and disclosure of public procurement and infrastructure information globally.

Find out how to implement the OC4IDS at