Johannesburg, South Africa Meeting

The first global meeting of Open Contracting will take place October 24th-26th, 2012 in South Africa. The Open Contracting meeting is a global event, seeking to address common challenges faced across sectors and across regions.

The selection of South Africa came mainly from GIZ´s desire to host the meeting in a Southern location.  Johannesburg was a logical location given its importance as a regional hub and the fact that GIZ have a large office there to support organization. It was also the preferred location of CoST, as they wish this to serve as their Southern Africa launch. The decision was reinforced by the fact that South Africa is active in the open government arena, most notably as a founding member of the Open Government Partnership, and that the themes of this meeting are directly related to regional priorities. 

This meeting will serve to highlight emerging Open Contracting practices across countries and key sectors, explore how to embed Open Contracting components within international standards and norms, and launch a dynamic community of practitioners collaborating to push the Open Contracting agenda forward.

The first day will be open to the public and include a high-level panel featuring the Vice President of the World Bank Institute along with other high-level officials from government, the private sector, and civil society. The second and third days will feature smaller meetings that are will advance key streams of activity and develop a global movement around open contracting.  

Objectives for this meeting include:
• To profile and position the issue of open contracting in the larger international debate
• To bring together a diverse group of innovative actors interested in advancing Open Contracting work around the world
• To develop the agenda and initial focus for the Open Contracting movement – building on and refining the insights from the design meeting
• Articulate key streams of activity and targets that will move the work of Open Contracting forward in the coming 24 months


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The Open Contracting meeting is a global event, seeking to address common challenges faced across sectors and across regions.
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Johannesburg, South Africa Meeting via @opencontracting
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